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Ryan Donovan


linkedin_headshotWith over ten years writing highly technical user guides, knowledge bases, and API documentation for software companies both small and large, Ryan knows how to build documentation that solves user problems before they hit your support line. And he builds it on both a micro level, writing precise steps that don't allow for user error, and on a macro level, creating a set of topics that ensure every user question has an answer.

He has a BS with a double major in Technical Writing (with a specialization in Computer Science) and Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University. These two styles of writing aren't as different as you might think. Both involve creating a story about how a person gets from a beginning to an end. Both reward using the precisely right word in any situation. And both intend to convey sometimes difficult information to the reader.

Ryan isn't just a gifted wordsmith; that specialization in Computer Science means he took two years worth of programming and computer science theory classes. Since then, he's maintained his knowledge, using Java, C#, and JavaScript Web Services in his working life and Python, PHP, and other web technologies in his personal life.